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With such a wide range of manufactures and types of water softeners available, we are often asked which is the best water softener on the market. We only supply water softeners which we are confident will offer you soft water, hassle free, for many many years. Here we will explain some the differences between water softener designs and explain why we have choosen to supply both EcoWater and Kinetico Water softeners.

Differences Between Water Softeners

Electric or non-electric?

Some systems rely on electricity to power regeneration whereas other systems use moving water. Manufacturers of non-electric water softeners will claim that the electrically driven water softeners will result in higher electricity bills or state that this makes the unit less reliable. In our experience, the EcoWater water softener, which is electrically operated, uses less significantly electricity to regenerate than is required to boil a kettle and regenerates as little as twice per week. We have been supplying EcoWater for over 20 years and have found them to be more reliable than most of their non-electric competitors.

Running Costs

Salt running costs vary from water softener to water softener, block salt is slightly more expensive to buy per kilogram of salt than tablet salt, but is much easier to handle. You should consider how many people are in the property and how frequently you will need to fill the unit. Finally you need to look at the water consumption of water softeners. Non-electric water softeners are smaller and need to regenerate more frequently, they may use less water per regeneration than electric softeners but will most likely use more water per litre of soft water produced. Again this tends to be more noticable in larger households, where you are using more water.

Reliability & Servicing

Some water softeners work in such a way that they require regular servicing, at an approximate cost of £90 per visit, it is not long before the cost of servicing exceeds the initial purchase cost on some of the cheaper water softeners. Neither EcoWater or Kinetico, require rountine servicing as they only use soft water through the moving parts. This is by far the most important factor when choosing a water softener. We have choosen water softeners which offer you a life expectancy of 18-20 years. Before choosing a water softener we recommend that you look at an independent customer review site such as Review Centre.

Our friendly team are more than happy to talk you through the differences between water softeners without any pressure or a heavy sales pitch. Contact us today on 0118 984 1500 or complete our contact form.