JM Softeners are independent suppliers of water softeners and drinking water systems,
offering a range of reliable water softeners to suit your individual needs.
Our most popular water softeners are EcoWater and Kinetico water systems.

EcoWater Softeners

JM Softeners have been authorised suppliers of EcoWater Systems for over 20 years. EcoWater softeners offer excellent efficiency and reliability.

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Kinetico Water Softeners

JM Softeners have been supplying Kinetico Water Softeners for nearly 30 years. Kinetico are renowned for their superb reliability and innovative, compact designs.

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There are many benefits of installing a water softener in your home or business, from huge cost savings running and maintaining household appliances including washing machines and hot water cylinders, to improved water quality for washing and bathing.

Protection for your home

Protection for your appliances including your washing machine, dishwasher, shower heads, shower screens, faucets, hot water cylinders, imersion heaters and even kettles; as soft water gradually removes existing scale.

Protection for your appliances

No more hard water through appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and shower heads. This reduces maintainace and repair charges and eliminates the need for scale removal products such as calgon.

Less Cleaning

Spend less time cleaning as taps, sinks, basins and shower screens sparkle, free from limescale and splash marks.

Healthy skin & hair

Most sufferers notice a dramatic improvement in skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Smoother skin and silkier hair - bathing in soft water means you need less detergents and soaps which is kinder to your skin and hair.

Financial Savings

Reduced energy costs - typically saving 25%; extended lifetime of appliances; savings on detergents (you can reduce the amount of laundry detergent by at least 50%) and cleaning products.

Better for the environment

Saving energy and reducing your soap and deergent usage is better for the environment as well as your home.

Choosing a water softener can be tricky, with many differences between systems - electric or non-electric, tablet salt or block - and with some systems lasting as long as twenty years it is worth taking some time to choose the best system for your needs. Click here to read more about the differences between water softeners.

Water Softener Reviews

"What a great product"

Had a water softener fitted by john about 6 weeks ago he done a first class job and we are very pleased with the end product lovely soft water I would highly recommend it to anybody that suffers with hard water the cost of running it far out ways on what you will save on having healthier skin and all the water machines you have in your house are going to benefit from not scaling up.

"Very knowledgeable"

Excellent service. We didn't know anything about water softeners but wanted to get one installed before we changed our kitchen. John clearly explained all the options available and the pros and cons of each. He was not in the slightest bit pushy and left us to think over the options. We went away and did a bit of our research and everything matched up to what John had told us. Also, we could see that the pricing was competitive. We then placed an order and the installation was excellent; by no means easy as our kitchen is on the first floor and, as part of the work we had a separate drinking supply with a filter with an extra drinking water tap, plus a tap for the garden. All in all, very good value for the complexity of quality of the work carried out. We also know from a neighbour who recommended JM that the after sales service is very good.

"One of the best things i have invested in.”

The company are second to none. My steel pipes were becoming increasingly limescaled up. Though the company would not say definately the water softner would solve this problem they told me it would stop it getting any worse. Well it has stopped them getting worse and is gradually descaling them. My water flow is much better now and gets better as the weeks go on. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Now to the fitting of the unit...The guy they sent out to us was so nice, such a proffesional and so very skilled.

“sheer luxury”

Kinetico 2020c - Positively delighted with the company and results Thankyou John

“Soft Water”

JM Softeners quickly responded to my call to arrange a visit to review our old machine and a week later installed a new water softener. Although we were told not to expect instant results, we very soon experienced a difference to our water. Great service, delighted with the results.

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